Saturday, November 15, 2008

Badger's Eye View

Not much to say this afternoon, but thought I'd share the view from where I'm sitting.

The press box.

UPDATE: I know it's generally considered uncool for a reporter to get excited about things... there's that whole been there, seen that grizzled newshound archetype to live up to... but damnit, I was a Badger before I was a reporter, and I had fun filling in for our sports reporter today. Watching Bucky rally to beat Minnesota 35-32 and being on the field for the celebration put one helluvan exclamation point on a pretty long week.

Having met Tom Oates today, I'm pretty sure he would call me a rube if he read this...


Jessica said...

Awww..look. It's little Dusty pretending to be a grown-up!

Dustin Christopher said...

Let's face it, I fake it pretty well when I have too!