Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going fast

I'm guessing this means the police have cleared Brittany Zimmermann's house as a crime scene.

We wouldn't know, of course, from what they've told us about the investigation thus far (Read: nothing). But this is still maybe a little premature. Have they even had time to repaint the walls and recarpet the place yet, or are they counting on that as a selling point? "And if you'll look to your left in the (REDACTED BY THE MADISON POLICE DEPARTMENT) room, you'll see the stain where Brittany Zimmermann laid in her final minutes on earth. And over here is the door the killer broke through. Don't worry though... we've fixed the lock!"

And in fact, it says right in the craigslist ad: the building "could easily be used as a whole house for a group of friends!" That's good, because someone will be upstairs to hear you scream. And if you need an early move-in, no worries! It's not like the outgoing tenants are around to object.

I think Wisconsin Management Company is doing the honorable thing here, I really do. After all, sure Brittany Zimmermann's death is tragic, but the real tragedy would be if one of Madison's biggest slumlord management companies went a year without squeezing every conceivable cent out of the UW's student population.

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