Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update.. Ogg

You're welcome, Deborah Ziff. Let's say this one's on the house, but next time you attribute your stories to Dustin Weis at WTDY, this blog and Dane101, where you heard it first. zzzzzIIIIInnnnnggggg!

Actually, I'm not too concerned. The different media rip each other off all the time. I had them stolen when I was a newspaper reporter, as well...not to mention I 'borrowed' one or two myself. I wonder if Deborah is a listener to the radio station, or if she pulled it from the blog. No worries. In fact, look for the papers to make off with another of my stories, which I will be posting on later this week.

In related news, I did speak with Dave Helbach, the state Facilities Administrator, on the phone today. He confirmed for me that, yes, in fact, a large piece of falling Ogg debris crushed someone's car. And that, quite frankly, is awesome. I knew the old firetrap wouldn't go down without a fight.

It's been a long day, and I did attend Kathleen Falk's press conference today. I may or may not have the energy to launch into another tirade tomorrow. We'll see. But the moral of the story is, and remains, there's way too little information being let out about this or any of these murder cases. Period.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a big head.

Dustin Christopher said...

Wow, your powers of observation are astounding. Next time I'll slap you in the face with sarcasm instead of being subtle about it.

Anonymous said...

Touchy too!

Mario said...

You know, I'm not all that surprised that Ogg reached back from beyond the grave to try to kill someone.

Revenge for what we (and countless other freshmen) put it through over the years? :)