Friday, April 11, 2008

Daily... more shady vibes in murder story

Any day where I get to start my work schedule at the Memorial Union is by default a good one, so I have no real complaints. I interviewed a few UW students, all of whom agreed that the Police Chief's decision to hold back information on how the killer entered Brittany Zimmermann's apartment was a poor one.

I do have a couple more tidbits with regards to that story... Something to mull over going into a weekend sort-of off. The first comes courtesy of the Isthmus, and I don't find it all that surprising. Joel Marino's parents are saying they've lost confidence in the police department's ability to handle THAT particular murder investigation. And two months after his death, with no leads and with what they say in this story, can you blame them?

The second is a good deal more infuriating. I've rented in downtown Madison for three years, I've dealt with *A* bad management company and I've heard dozens of horror stories, but this is by far one of the most sickening things I've ever heard.

If this is true, THESE PEOPLE should have their right to own/manage property taken away permanently. They should be stripped of all their possessions to pay for a house and a college education for this young man, and then shipped off forever to China, where
THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS MORE about human decency than these "property managers." You can call the management company tell them what you think on their dime at 1.800.480.2080. Or, you can email the owner, Mr. Carl Van Rooy, and say really nice things.

I'll be up early tomorrow to take the early morning news mic at 6:00 am sharp. Have a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

The Wisconsin Management Co has decided to release Jordan and the Zimmerman family from their lease. Just announced half an hour ago: