Monday, April 14, 2008

Update... Management Mop-up

Well, I couldn't stay away for long. This little jewel came down the pipe in regards to my post from last Friday. This is the full statement from Russ Endres, president of Wisconsin Management Company:

"Wisconsin Management Company, Inc. extends its deepest condolences to both the Zimmerman and Gonnering families. We regret how our statement on Friday was characterized. Wisconsin Management Company, Inc. takes pride in our service and commitment to our residents. We felt it inappropriate, one week after the incident, to discuss the particulars of the lease situation until we had spoken to the families. We have since had the opportunity to speak with Jordan's parents. After discussing what the family wanted, we have decided to release all parties from any lease obligations. Once the property is released by the police, we will do any cleaning or repairs that are necessary. We will also offer housing to Mr. Gonnering, which he will consider. Now that this situation is resolved, we hope people can focus on the actual tragedy and work towards healing and justice."

A couple of notes. First of all, THEY MISPELLED THE DEAD GIRL'S LAST NAME! I know making sure that extra N is attached to the end of Zimmermann is tough for busy property-management types, but this is supposed to be a note of condolence, right? I'm no letter etiquette expert, but I would assume it's good practice to spell the bereaved's loved one's name correctly.

And secondly, "we regret how our statement was characterized"? There's no characteriztion about it. Endres was asked, straight up, if his company would let Jordan Gonnering out of the 16 months remaining on his $790 a month lease. And if you watch the video, he finds every way imaginable to talk around the question.

When it comes to a tragedy of this magnitude... or any human tragedy, for that matter... there is ONLY one acceptable answer to the question, "Is that something you're prepared to do?" It's not "I want to talk to him face to face," not "let me check with my superior on this," not "do ya think we can move him to a different apartment we own so we can keep taking his money?" It's "we'll do whatever we can do to help." Russ Endres should be ashamed, and if he thinks this half-assed attempt at a P.R. mop-up job is going to gain him back any of the human decency he forfeited, he's a monster AND a fool.

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cailo said...

Hey there. I just discovered your blog. You voice the frustrations of MANY. Keep it up.