Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily... waylaid bellyup...

The weather's finally taken a turn for the decidedly spring-like, but last week's digression has got my ass kicked for the time being. I'm calling in my first sick day at the radio station.

Now you might think this means I have more time to post... Well, you're wrong... It means I'm going back to sleep, because my head and my chest each feel about five pounds heavier.

It's funny though, because at the newspaper, calling in sick was something you did only in the direst of circumstances, and with great trepidation. If you weren't a few breaths from death or one of your appendages wasn't hanging by a few ligaments, you generally tried to tough it out. However, the job at the station is the first I've ever had where I've actually been encouraged to use my sick days. There's no policy whereby you can go an entire year without using a sick day and get an extra vacation day or anything like that, and I actually had a supervisor tell me it was better to err on the side of caution and use my sick days judiciously.

Of course, at a radio station, a cold or flu can move like wildfire through the on-air population by virtue of the little knobs we all manipulate and the airtight, soundproof booths we inhabit together and the communal microphones we all take turns spitting on. So from management's perspective, shelling out for one person's day off is better than not having anyone to go on-air, period.

It sounds like I'm on a public hearing AND a county board meeting all in one night tomorrow, so my triumphant return will have to be done gear down, full speed. So it's time to rest. Hard.

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